Case V-42 Stiletto Knife V42 USS OHAMA

 65471403859170240 Case V 42 Stiletto Knife V42 USS OHAMA

This is a Case V-42 Stilette. These knives were originaly made for the " First Special Service Force". This knife is one that was issued to members of the USS OHAMA ships landing force. They were called "SHARK KNIVES" by landing force members. These knives were issued to landing force members in 1943. The sheaths were stamped "USS OHAMA" and a number under USS OHAMA such as "3 - 31" as on this one. Later these sheaths were defaced by stamping out the "USS OHAMA" markings to prevent the ships identification in the event they fell into enemy hands. In 1945 these knives and sheaths were ordered to be thrown overboard into the Philadelphia Harbor. The war time shipping records at Case Cutlery show that in late 1942-43 seventy (70) V-42 Stiletto's were shipped to the Brooklyn Navy Depot. It is possible these 70 knives knives were issued to the USS OHAMA. This information comes from U.S. Military Knives, Book IV, M. H. Cole. The knife and sheath are in excellent condition. The knife looks like it has been sharpened, but the blade looks to be full, it is 7". The overall length is 12 1/8". the sheath is firm and not dried out or cracking. If you would like futher information or more pictures please contact me. This item is being sold as is. Please contact us for more payment options. Shipping is actual cost. We do not charge a handling fee.

 65471403859170241 Case V 42 Stiletto Knife V42 USS OHAMA
 65471403859170242 Case V 42 Stiletto Knife V42 USS OHAMA
 65471403859170243 Case V 42 Stiletto Knife V42 USS OHAMA

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