Norden Bombsight and Stabilizer

 334432207633396760 Norden Bombsight and Stabilizer

For Sale: WWII Era Bombsight and Stabilizer Bombsight: Manufactured by Lukas Harold Corp. Type M9B Serial Number L2861 Stabilizer: Manufactured by Carl L. Norden Type M9 Serial Number N12122 Here is a great opportunity to acquire two very important items from the WWII. Used in various U.S. bombers such as the B-17, B-24, and B-29, the Norden bombsight was instrumental in achieving victory in Europe and Japan in WWII. The items you are bidding on come to me from an inheritance. I believe the items to be non-operational but as you can see are in excellent static condition. The bombsight is still stored in its original box. The box has had a handle screwed to the top of the box to facilitate carrying the unit. The unit overall is in excellent condition. The paint, view finder eye pad, and graduations are in great shape. The unit has a log book still with the unit. It has a single entry from 1953 listed. The inspection tag still with the unit is unreadable. The stabilizer is mounted on plywood. It has two plugs and various wires connected. This is the way it was received via the inheritance. I am unable to provide any further information on the wiring but do have a schematic that was with the stab. I do not know the operational condition of either item. All I know about the units is that years ago my dad would run the units up and would record the time it took for the gyro to spin down. I make no assumption that the units are operational today and make no claims as such whatsoever. The units have been stored for many years and the units smell of an old musty barn. ALL ITEMS ARE SOLD AS IS. Both items are included in the auction. If you bid and win the auction ALL SALES ARE FINAL and NO RETURNS WILL BE ACCEPTED. Please be advised that these items weigh approximately 50lbs each and shipping will be expensive depending on where you live. The items will be crated in plywood boxes and shipped UPS to the winning bidder. Thank you for viewing the item and happy bidding to everyone.

 334432207633396761 Norden Bombsight and Stabilizer
 334432207633396762 Norden Bombsight and Stabilizer
 334432207633396763 Norden Bombsight and Stabilizer

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