old German documents, WW2 and others – look

 57531604032055000 old German documents, WW2 and others   look

This is a bunch of old German family documents - perfect for collectors of historical documents or family history. I will send it in an envilope by airmail to any country. Postage USD 10,- - Payment by PayPal. No reserve.

1. Marriage certificate, Trauschein. 5th October 1896, Names: Vogt / Labunde

2. Church document, confirmation, 1906 - Fritz Adolf Keipp.

3. Church document, birth and marriage. Names Meyer / Hinrichs 1942.

4. Death card Kark Zimmermann, died 1942 in Russia.

5. Member book Deutsche Arbeitsfront 1935, Karl Paetsch.

6. Arbeitsbuch Karl Paetsch - working in a circus as a stablehand.

7. Memberbok for gymnasium, Turnerpass 1930, Fritz Heecks.

8. Other documents for Fritz Heecks: Church, school reports, picture in Uniform...

9. Family register, Stammbuch: Heinrich-Adolph Eide / Gisela Babatz, Burchard. 1955

10. Family register, Stammbuch: Names: Luther, Scheel, Schulz.1917.

11. Kennkarte, German ID, Karl Adolf Heinrich Zaum. 1942, Hamburg.

12. School report book, Zeugnisbuch for Emmi Weise, Hamburg 1911.

13. Yearbook for metal workers. Two books, Jahrbuch des deutschen Metallarbeiters. 1940 and 1943.

14. School report Deutsche Volkspolizei. 1953 Name: Ropke.

15. Study book, transcript, 1960, Philosophy Hamburg, Name: Otto.

16. Ten old postcarsd and photos.

 57531604032055001 old German documents, WW2 and others   look
 57531604032055002 old German documents, WW2 and others   look

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