heavy massive horse hide or goatskin - aniline tanned


To Ebay : please don't delete this item there are no illegal signs on the jacket or something else in that auction all things are denazified i only sell this authentic german Luftwaffe leather jacket - thank you O R I G I N A L G E R M A N L U F T W A F F E F L I G H T J A C K E T AMAZING RED BROWN GERMAN LUFTWAFFE FLIGHT JACKET in good condition for the age heavy massive horse hide or goatskin - aniline chrome tanned Rare flight jacket of the German Luftwaffe 1936-1940 .. very seldom in that style the best horse hide or goat skin leather u will get - its the best german quality Original WW2 flight jacket of the german Luftwaffe in good condition The history shows that these kind of flight jackets were worn from 1939 until end of the war. This flight jacket is in very good condition for its age the leather betrays a strong impression – there is no doubt about to wear it like a regular jacket . Top quality (see pics). Wonderful boxed shoulders of the 40ties – nice details of a valuable collector jacket. The collar (very stable) runs pointedly and is a characteristic for the early flight jackets of the Luftwaffe. Find never so fast again in this state worldwide The leather shows suppleness and durability. [heavy massive horse hide or goatskin] The interior fodder (lining) is in very good condition too its from the best velveton material. In the arms there is also the original silk lining Very nice back and nice sleeves , they used for this jacket huge leather parts! The jacket leave the flair of the glorious days of the 40ties. 2x original 16mm pebblet Luftwaffe buttons to fasten the shoulderboards. The innerlining pocket will close by an SOLIDE ELEGANT button The zippers are original and unmarked - the arm zippers are from the seldom german barnd ZIPP - it was one of the famous german zipper producer in WW2 - all zippers are original to this jacket like the buttons and the lining - full complete state. The jacket has also the original loops left upper breast site, to fix the Luftwaffe egale with needle system, pls watch the photos. Note: This is an original german privat purchased Luftwaffe jacket in good condition for the age perfect old German value work - tailor made - never get again so fast in that condition and this full complete state. Information : This jacket comes without the original Hauptmann shoulderboards, you just bid on this german Luftwaffe flight jacket You bid only on this amazing german Luftwaffe jacket - please notice that This jacket is heavy 2-2,5 Kilo ... a dream to wear it !!! This jacket let the hearts of the collectors beat faster. Its hard for me to sell it but I need the money for another investment. I will send insured with DHL worldwide thats why the shipping price is so high ... i made best experience with that service. Shipping costs to germany insured with DHL 7,90 Euro Measurements - pls watch - its tailor made Shoulders ca. 18.11 inch / 46 cm ( from seam to seam across the back) Arms ca. 24.80 inch/ 63 cm (from shoulder seam to end of cuff) Back ca. 24.40 inch 62 cm (backside from collar seam to end of the jacket) Under arms (breast): 20.86 inch/ 53 cm von (pit to pit, jacket lays flat)

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