Orig. WWII German Luftwaffe Cellowaro flight googles Modell 306 SELDOM RARE


Orig. WWII German Luftwaffe Cellowaro flight googles Modell 306 With the advent of military aircraft in WWI most of the early pilots soon discovered that appropriate protective flight goggles were a necessity due to the cold, sun glare and the all too frequent occurrence of oil leaking into the slipstream and covering the pilot. Originally the German military was caught unprepared and no specific protective goggles for pilots were available which resulted in the pilots utilizing commercially produced or captured enemy protective goggles. Early in the war the Carl Zeiss optics firm of Jena developed specific protective flight goggles that became the standard pattern for other manufacturers. Further improvements and refinements of assorted protective flight goggles continued in the inter-war years and by the start of WWII there were no fewer then nine types of protective flight goggles available and nine main manufacturers including, Carl Zeiss, Ernst Leitz, Phillip Winter, O.W. Wagner, Nitsche & Günther, Knothe, Cellowaro, Bauer, Uvex and Auer. A great piece for your collection Hard to find Luftwaffe flight googles Model 306 from Cellowaro

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