SUPER RARE WWII Chinese Airforce dress dagger CBI

Last ditch model MUST SEE ,SMALL MODEL.


choggieguy Store Excellent piece! Hello. I have a SUPER SUPER rare WWII Chinese Airforce dress dagger. Early on these were given to "Flying Tigers" and other Americans who were involved in the "anti-Japanese" war effort. As the war progressed and supplies became limited, they became more and more bizarre. THis particulat dagger has two traits on it that advanced collectors PRIZE for their rarity in manufacture. There are VERY FEW examples of these being made with cigarette wrappers under the handle, and glass eyes. I have had, and this is NO conservative estimate and those of you who follow me, not out of jealousy, know that i have sold MORE of these than any other seller on eBay. I have only, in my 30 years as a collector and dealer, had ONE cigarette wrapper handle and NEVER had a glass eyes variation. Keep in mind that every one of these was made differently, completely differently. this one was made completely out of left over parts, which is EXTREMELY rare as they DID have some sort of Q&A level. The bird is great, tacked to the handle which is uncommon, undamaged, had beautiful red glass eyes, these are hand made and hand finished in shops and villiages around the country. The cigarette wrapper is in english and is American, it says "these Cigarettes manufactured from choice selected Virginia" there are a couple of small spots where the wrap flaked as shown but all wires are intact and the handle is in better shape than most you find. THe ferrule strap was shoddily put on with a tack, the guard has the eagle on both side and is considerably smaller than any other i have ever had as well. the blade is EXTREMELY small at 6 1/2 inches and it is a chinese blade, nothing spectacular about it. The sheath is the typical brass throat with the eagle over propellors with the sunburst drag but this time it is copper. An early part on this late war version. If you collect these, this is the CROWN JEWEL of these, rare and desirable and can be yours today! this IS a consignment and it is up to the consignee to determine if this has a buy it now price.

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