WW2 Japanese Copper Handle NCO Sword

 525641606978452560 WW2 Japanese Copper Handle NCO Sword

This auction is for a very rare copper handle sword with a 11mm thick tsuba (The aluminium NCO tsubas are 2mm thinner). All copper handle nco swords have the same 3 markings on the copper fuchi. 1) The Suya company logo 2) The kanji character ( TO) used as an arsenal inspection mark by Tokyo First Arsenal 3) The Four cannonballs Kokura arsenal identification stamp Also the other difference is on the bottom of the scabbard, it is a brass plug instead of the normal drag. The blade is in great condition there is a bit of small pitting here and there and two small nicks midway on the cutting edge.The blade is 26 3/8" and the Overall length, minus the scabbard, is 36 1/2". The handle is nice and tight and it clips into the scabbard well. The finish on the scabbard(originally gold) is worn in various places but mostly below the lanyard ring were the Officer held the scabbard. The blade and the scabbard are Matching with a serial number of 5222. There was only ever around 6000 of these produced compared to the 100's of thousands of aluminium handle. We will ship internationally but the buyer will pay actual shipping. Flat rate shipping price is valid in Continetal US only and Include full insurance.

 525641606978452561 WW2 Japanese Copper Handle NCO Sword
 525641606978452562 WW2 Japanese Copper Handle NCO Sword
 525641606978452563 WW2 Japanese Copper Handle NCO Sword

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