WWII German SS EM/NCO Belt Buckle


Up for your consideration is a WWII German SS EM/NCO belt buckle. As you can see from the picture someone at some point in time wanted to paint this buckle. The only reason I can see for this was they wanted to keep it from rusting. This is a steel stamped late war version and is unmarked. It would be nicer if it was marked, but there's nothing I can do about that this is what it is. Even with the paint on it this buckle is still a nice example of an SS buckle. The paint can be removed as some of it has been removed by myself. I however don't want to damage the buckle in any way and I will leave it to the next person to make the decision if they want to remove the paint. I recently took this buckle to a gun show where there was military dealers, to confirm that this piece was real. All three confirmed its authenticity and all three tried to buy it from me. I have no doubts about this buckles authenticity and if you would like more pictures please send me your email address and I will send you more pictures of the buckle. I will ship this item via usps with delivery confirmation. If you would like insurance on it I will put it on for however much you would like at the price that the usps charges for it. I will ship this item to the US and Canada only!

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